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Top 10 Places to Visit in India

If you haven’t been to India, you won’t be able to comprehend, how interesting, different, and mind-blowing it can be! India is so big and diverse in culture, history, and landscape, you won’t be able to see much of it even if you try in your lifetime. It’s a difficult job to make a list of the top 10 places to visit in India as the options are plentiful. However, I tried to make a list for you keeping history, landscapes, culture in place.

Table of Contents

Read travel guide to Spiti Valley.

Himachal Pradesh.

Read travel guide to Kashmir.

Jammu & Kashmir.

Read about places to visit in Agra.

Uttar Pradesh.

Read about the places to visit in Jaipur.


Explore Delhi in 2 days.

It’s a Union territory and the capital.

Know about the places to visit in Kolkata.

West Bengal.

See the amazing photos of Radhanagar beach in Andaman island.

This is to the south of India and an island with the same state name.

Read about places to visit in South Goa.

Goa is the smallest state in Goa.

Know about the places to visit in Manali.

Himachal Pradesh.

West Bengal and Sikkim.

Fuad loves to travel! A lot! Carrying a Bangladeshi passport means he needs a prior visa for visiting most of the countries. He got detained in many borders because of his nationality but; he didn’t give up – he set his foot to 40 countries. He believes, if he could travel the world despite all the odds, you can, too. Fuad is a Computer Engineer by profession, and author of a travelogue in Bangla. He currently lives in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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