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Easy Tuna Wrap

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by Sonja Overhiser

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A tuna wrap makes a tasty, easy lunch filled with tuna salad and crunchy veggies! Bookmark this recipe for lunchtime inspiration.

Tuna might be underrated, but it’s a big win in our book! A cheap protein that requires no cooking and is pantry stable for years? Sign us up. This tuna wrap recipe is a fun, tasty way to mix up your lunch routine: no cooking required. It’s bursting with flavor, featuring a zingy tuna salad filling and fresh, crunchy veggies. Roll it all up in a tortilla and you’re ready for an easy healthy lunch or a simple, no-cook dinner. Here’s what you’ll need for a killer tuna wrap!

Everyone does a tuna wrap differently. Ours is a spin on our classic tuna salad filling, paired with crunchy veggies and rolled up in a wrap. Keep in mind: you’ll need good creamy tuna salad for this one: we tried it with our Mediterranean tuna salad and it soaked through the wrap. Mix up the tuna salad filling, then add your favorite crunchy veg! Here’s what you’ll need:

Canned tuna has gotten somewhat of a bad rap over the years, but there’s lots that’s good about this healthy fish! Here are a few things to note when you’re shopping for tuna:

Another important thing for this tuna wrap recipe: use burrito-sized tortillas that are at least 10-inches in diameter. Wraps that are smaller are very difficult to roll and don’t fit much filling. They don’t have as nice of a look as with the large tortilla.

Also, this recipe tastes best with a flour tortilla! You can use a low carb or gluten-free wrap, but some of these types of wraps don’t have satisfying flavor. Only use it if you have a brand you love (feel free to let us know suggestions in the comments below!).

There are lots of ways to vary this tuna wrap recipe! Use your favorite tuna salad recipe, or add different veggies to the mix. Here are a few more ideas we love:

Another important thing to know about tuna wraps is storage instructions. Here’s what to know:

It might sound straight out of the 1960’s, but there’s so much to do with a can of tuna! This versatile protein is perfect for making tasty lunches and simple dinners. Here are a few of our favorites:

A tuna wrap makes a tasty, easy lunch filled with tuna salad and crunchy veggies! Bookmark this recipe for lunchtime inspiration.

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