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We can fulfill AppleCare+ claims, Apple manufacturer’s warranty claims, and cash on delivery claims for out of warranty phones. There, you can see your battery’s performance stats and gain insight into the true cause of its sluggishness. If you discover that Apple’s the reason for your slow phone, you can turn off throttling anytime.

It is important to note that you should let your phone charge drop below 25% before attempting battery replacement. Attempting to remove a battery that’s fully charged can result in explosion or fire if it is punctured accidentally. Since it’s become known that Apple secretly slows down batteries, replacement may be the solution to the charging or operating speed issues your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus has been experiencing. IPhone 7 battery replacement and iPhone 7 plus battery replacement are very similar procedures. Are you thinking of replacing your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus?

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While most of us were in a holidaze, Apple published a mea culpa and promised to make replacing the battery on an iPhone less expensive through the end of 2018. No appointments at the Whitehall Apple store’s Genius Bar are available for at least the next week, according to a customer service representative. The schedule didn’t go out past a week, according to customer service. When I showed up with an appointment at my closest Apple store on Jan. 3, there were so many others also trying to replace their batteries that I had to join a weeks-long waiting list. Your local shop might have more supply, but battling hordes for repair is an unusual experience at an Apple store. The longer time you choose, the longer your battery life will be.

This battery replacement is only applicable to selected iPhone models only. If you require service for your iPad or iPod, kindly visit our service centres for more info. I’m sorry, the battery replacement is applicable for selected iPhone models, which are iPhone SE, iPhone 6 and later only. If you require service for your iPhone 5S , kindly visit our service centres for more info.

Cell phone repairs have never been easier than this!! It’s actually more expensive than getting the battery replaced by Apple — especially since the iPhone throttling saga has seen Apple reducing their asking price for the procedure. Apple’s aging iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus never had the largest batteries, even when brand new. However — as Apple has shown time and time again — size doesn’t always matter. The company spent years using smaller batteries than its Android rivals yet never lost much battery life.

It wasn’t that long ago—December 2017—that Apple admitted it was indeed slowing down iPhones over timeon purpose. Apple throttled the battery output to the CPU down on older iPhones so the battery would last a little longer and shutdowns would cease. If you are planning to trade in your phone with a buyback company like GadgetGone, having a degraded battery can have a pretty big impact on your phone’s resale value. Even if your iPhone is fully functional with only some scratches and dings, you could receive between $30-$100 less purely because your battery’s max is less than 80%.

We believe in Quality and hence the replacement parts we use for the Apple products are of the highest quality and undergoes a rigorous quality check before it is approved for replacement. The testament for the quality of the parts is the warranty of 18 months we provide for most of the services we provide. People are having an issue with performance; finding battery juice ending very soon or any kind of heat issue should consider getting the battery replaced.

With years of experience working with high-end electronics and computers, we perform repairs the “competition” cannot. Over the years, we have fixed thousands of iPhone and apple products. We keep every part in stock needed to repair your device.

Long story short, Apple has admitted that your iPhone will actively slow itself down if it has an old, degraded battery. To get back that lost performance, though, users are recommended toreplace the battery with a fresh, new one. PhoneTech Services and its products are in no way endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with any of the above mentioned entities or subsidiaries thereof. The services offered on this website are NOT offered or authorised by any of the entities mentioned above.

Read on and we’ll explore four major issues linked to aging iPhone batteries, and why replacing your battery is more vital than you may have thought. When you pick it back up, note down how much battery life you have left again. If there isn’t a big change while in standby, you’re probably okay, and your battery life will return to normal when your usage returns to normal . Plus, iFixit also offers extremely thorough how-to guides on replacing the battery, all the way down to showing close-up photos of the process. So even if you’ve never done something like this before, these guides take you through the process step by step. Some patient iPhone owners might be able wait it out, but if you want your battery replaced right now, your best option is to replace it yourself.

Our Specialised computer programs allow us to test your battery health. Apple repairs iPhones at the Genius Bar in Apple Stores and through their online mail-in repair service. Apple repairs are high-quality, but out-of-warranty repairs can be much more expensive than third-party solutions. If you’re looking to save some money you’re not covered by Apple’s warranty, you may want to check out our other recommendations.

In conclusion, if you ever need an iPhone repair, simply give us a call, or bring your iPhone into one of our friendly technicians. We are conveniently located one block west of SAIT. We will look forward to helping you get your iPhone repaired and back to working order. We are hardware enthusiasts and we love only working with the best technology on the planet.

And self-repair absolutely voids your warranty, including AppleCare, so keep these things in mind. UBreakIFix rivals Cell Phone Repair’s network of locations and flexibility in repairing all kinds of tech products. The estimated cost of a battery replacement on an iPhone 6S through UBreakIFix is $79, though the company also claims to price-match local competitors. To give you a little extra peace of mind, Google recently partnered with the company to officially service its Pixel smartphones and Pixelbook laptops. We are proud of our work and stand by our Calgary iPad repairs and iPhone repairs. If you have further issues with your device after it is repaired, contact us immediately.

Your iPhone’s battery is one of the most things inside the phone. Over time, though, the battery degrades and this affects both your iPhone’s performance and usability – it’s also why your iPhone might start dying at 25% all of sudden. If this is happening to you, it means your battery is dying. Apple charges £49 for all iPhones below the iPhone X; from the iPhone X onwards replacement batteries cost £69. After 3 years of heavy use, my 6s Plus was at about 68% life, before I took it in for replacement.

No need to worry about anything here because your phone should be operating exactly as it should be. After they take your approval, they will immediately get down to the repair work and fix the issue. You can either collect the repaired iPhone from our center, or we can drop it off at your preferred location. We offer a lifetime warranty on almost all our repairs. We don’t want you to suffer separation anxiety for days. Our experienced technicians will repair your iPhone in a flash and deliver your fully functioning device the same day that we receive it for repair.

Then select the iOS device tab to see your iPhone’s charge capacity. Apple has announced that it will refund the $50 difference to all customers who paid to have an out-of-warranty battery replacement between January 1, 2017, and Dec. 28, 2017. Apple will contact eligible customers via email between May 23, 2018 and July 27, 2018 with instructions on how to obtain the credit. If you don’t get an email, you can contact Apple Support and plead your case. AppleCare+ provides two years of hardware repair coverage, so if you phone is within the coverage window, Apple will replace your battery for free. Apple is charging $29 to install the battery, a savings of $50 over the usual $79 out-of-warranty price for replacing the battery.

If none of the above have worked, then it’s likely that the replacement battery is a dud. Calibrating the battery is pretty simple, but takes a bit of patience. Just drain the battery until your phone completely dies, and then charge it all the way up to 100% without interruption. If you haven’t heard, Apple recently began throttling iPhones that have old, degraded batteries. The one fix has been to replace the battery with a new one, which can be done by Apple for $30, but it’s also not terribly difficult to do it yourself. The good news is that some third-party services can provide immediate service.

The iPhone could theoretically display a similar warning message while continuing to show customers when the battery is aging and in need of a replacement. Right now, people with an “unauthorized” battery aren’t getting that information. Instead, the battery section in iOS settings permanently shows “service” next to battery health until an authorized replacement is done. Apple could argue, however, that without the micro-controller handoff, it can’t be sure that whatever a battery is reporting to the system is accurate.

P.S if you also have an older iPhone model you can check out our iPhone 5s battery replacement and iPhone 6 battery replacement article as well. Our major customers include world-renowned brands such as Huawei, ZTE, Mi, Lenovo and Samsung. Battery degradation is an inevitable part of your iPhone’s lifespan, extend it with this new replacement battery compatible with an iPhone 7.