Refurbished Car Batteries

Once you learn how to recondition batteries and acquire the proper tools you can start a sideline business that offers reconditioned batteries for sale. There is good money to be made because batteries can often be obtained free or bought cheaply assuring a high profit margin. Interstate Batteries makes high-quality refurbished car batteries affordable and accessible. Many people mistakenly assume that if a car battery can be recharged, it can last forever. This is not the case, a recycled or refurbished car battery can only be recharged a specific number of times before it becomes too old to be charged further. Once it hits this mark, it will no longer hold the power required of it.

The good news about the high-tech battery options made for hybrid cars is that they can be refurbished with optimal results. As with most cost effective alternatives, there are some important considerations to keep in mind to make sure you don’t get left in the middle of nowhere with no battery power. We highly recommend that you do not overcharge your car battery as it may cause its sudden death. When you are done removing the corrosion, you measure the volt reading of the battery using a voltmeter.

Ergo, a problem in one of these parts doesn’t mean the end of the battery’s life; the old battery can be restored to operations. The car battery is what your car requires for that vital spark that begins the magic of transportation. This can be a costly piece of the mechanical process, and a brand new car battery can run anywhere from $100 to $300. Furthermore, they tend to need replacing rather frequently with heavy use and according to quality. The usual lifespan of a reconditioned battery is between 1 year – 3 years. It is challenging to mention the exact life of a reconditioned battery.

Ensure the proper connection of the cable to the battery terminal. The red wire to the positive battery terminal and black cable to the negative terminal. If we try to see the things and electronic devices around us, most of them are battery operated. Starting from your alarm clock, remote control, mobile phones, laptop, and vehicle.

Why should you choose Auto Parts City for your next used battery purchase? When you buy from us, you are doing your part to protect the local environment. Because we have an award-winning recycling program that ensures the cars that come to us for salvage have a minimal impact on the local environment. If you see your battery is leaking any fluid or is swollen from being frozen, it needs to be replaced immediately. If the fluid prevention covers are damaged or gone, you can get replacement covers from your local auto parts store.

The lead acid battery is indeed here to stay and will not be going away soon, which is why it is imperative for the world to learn how to deal with dead batteries. Restoring them to their former strength is by far the best option. We invite you to check with us before you make your next battery purchase. Auto Parts City is known as one of the top salvage yards in the greater Chicago area. Because of this, we get a wide range of vehicles in that people no longer need or wish to junk.

But best of all once you start reconditioning batteries you can kiss your car battery problems good-bye. You can learn to recondition batteries it’s a simple straightforward process you can learn to do at home. Of course battery makers want you to buy a new car battery so they try to keep this fact a secret. Save money by reconditioning batteries instead of buying a new car battery.

Saving a few bucks is one main benefit, and then the second benefit is reducing waste thrown to the environment. Moreover, if you would like to earn more, you can have a car battery reconditioning business in your place. When your car’s battery is in need of replacement, Auto Parts City is the right choice.

Every battery that we pull from a car that comes in for salvage is thoroughly tested. It means that you can shop confidently, knowing that there is plenty of life left in any of the batteries on our shelves. If we have placed a battery up for sale, you can be confident it will serve your needs well.

If you have one or a few to sell, it is another great way to offset the cost of getting a new/used battery. The second benefit of reconditioned car batteries is cost savings. By reconditioning, you can save approximately 25 to 50 percent of the retail cost of a new car battery. The average price of a regular car battery range between $75 to $100. One of the biggest benefits of reconditioned car batteries is the fact that the simple repair saves you money.

A truck battery may yield a higher payout of $10 as it has more weight then a car battery. Often you can get batteries to restore cheaply or even for free and most car batteries can be brought back to near new condition. Recharging is only a temporary fix for car battery problems because your battery is dying inside and it will actually hasten the process. You will need to purchase some tools if you don’t already have them, but this cost will quickly be offset by the savings over auto battery replacement. The typical voltage reading for a good condition fully charged 12V battery is 12.6V and higher.

Your battery may be performing optimally now, but there will come a time when you may have to find ways to extend its life regardless of the good care you gave it all along. It makes sense to double or triple a battery’s life rather than buy a new one. A battery’s lifetime is basically five years, but it can be extended up to ten years and beyond. One of the reasons why anyone would discard an old battery prematurely is simply because it no longer charges as efficiently as it used to when it was new.

There are others who feel so frustrated when it dies on them for the first time and feel they cannot take another risk with the old battery again. They would rather run to the auto retailer to buy a new one instead. History teaches us that the very first battery was made in France by physicist Gaston Plante . Since then the battery has permeated almost all industries dealing with motorized equipment and solar power. It is still the most preferred option for many domestic and industrial motorized applications. Parts may have been purchased between the time this photo was taken and today.

If you click a link on this page and make a purchase, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. All end users or resellers assume all risk of injury that may result from utilizing items obtained from Auto Parts City Inc. Please read all posted safety rules and agree to comply with said rules. We have used for $24.99 with a 30 day warranty and $49.99 for reconditioned with a 6 month warranty. Makes a fun DIY project and you can help out your friends and family or even teach them how to recondition batteries.

A new car battery can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years in optimal function, depending on the use and quality of the battery purchased. In addition to being long lasting, a new battery often comes with a guarantee from the manufacturer that will protect you from defects with immediate replacement. Motorists are consistently looking to cut back on the maintenance costs of their vehicle. Many have found the option of taking their used battery to a battery shop in exchange for a refurbished or recycled battery to be a cost effective way of staying mobile. This is because the car battery has so many parts that can be recycled. The battery acids , lead plating, terminals and resilient outer container can all be reused in another battery.

Charge the cell – It’s the final step of preparing refurbished car batteries. You have to charge it overnight and then cool down completely before using again. The last benefit you can have for gaining this knowledge is car battery reconditioning business.

Before you replace your battery you should identify the issue. Ever since I found this awesome video this is what I have been doing to used car batteries. Battery manufacturers are hoping you never find out about reconditioned batteries.