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Buy Bitcoin (BTC) + Other Crypto with Apple Pay. Fast. Easy. Secure.

iPhone owners rejoice! BitPay offers two easy ways to buy your cryptocurrency with Apple Pay. You can now buy BTC with Apple Pay through the BitPay Wallet app or online with the BitPay widget. Follow the steps below and see how simple it is to pay for your crypto buys with Apple Pay.

BitPay’s Apple Pay process is fast, easy and secure. We show you rates from multiple partners so you get the best possible deal.

BitPay’s Apple Pay process is fast, easy and secure. The BitPay app is free and seamless to use. Import keys from all wallets like Coinbase, Exodus, Trezor and dozens more to manage all your assets in one place.

Download the app for your iPhone, iPad or Mac computer. Scan the QR code or visit the iOS store to download the app. If you already have the BitPay app, skip this part.

BitPay supports Bitcoin plus all of the other most popular cryptocurrencies and stablecoins.

Enter the amount you’d like to convert to Bitcoin. BitPay supports 40+ currencies including USD, EUR, GPB, AUD and many more.

In addition to Apple Pay, you can buy your Bitcoin with a credit card, debit card, Google Pay and local bank transfer methods (varies by location).

We work with multiple partners  to give you the best possible price. There are no hidden fees or excessive markups. Once you’ve chosen your preferred offer, you’ll be taken to one of our partner sites to complete the transaction.

The BitPay widget provides a seamless online buying experience in which you can buy BTC and have it sent to any self-custody wallet address.

Input your preferred amount of Bitcoin or the amount of local currency you’d like to convert.

Send Bitcoin to any wallet. Enter the address where you’d like to receive your Bitcoin. Need a wallet? Store securely with BitPay’s self-custody wallet.

BitPay aggregates offers from multiple partners to ensure you get the best possible rate. Once you’ve chosen your preferred offer, you’ll be taken to one of our partner sites to enter Apple Pay details and complete the transaction. Please note, Apple Pay may not be supported by all partners and may not be available in all internet browsers.

In the BitPay app and online buying widget, you can buy Bitcoin along with  the most popular cryptocurrencies using Apple Pay, all at great rates and no hidden fees.

The BitPay app offers a secure and seamless way to buy all of your favorite crypto with Apple Pay.

No long wait times to get your crypto.

We aggregate offers from multiple partners with competitive exchange rates. There are no hidden fees, annual costs or additional mark up. What you see is what you pay.

The BitPay Wallet is self-custody, meaning you, and only you, own your keys.

After you buy cryptocurrency with Apple Pay, you can store, swap and spend without ever leaving the app. It is the only app you need to control your assets.

The ability to pay for crypto via Apple Pay will vary by your location and the offer selected. BitPay partners with several providers to give our customers flexibility and choice in how they buy crypto. Not every partner supports Apple Pay.

No, BitPay does not add extra fees when you use Apple Pay to pay for your Bitcoin purchases.

The BitPay app isn’t just for buying crypto. It is the smartest all-in-one crypto app that gives you complete control over your assets.  

Keep your assets secure in a secure and easy to use self-custody crypto wallet. Import additional wallets to manage all of your assets in one place.

Swap one asset for another in the BitPay app. Swap Bitcoin for Dogecoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and all of your favorite coins.

Spending Bitcoin is easy and secure with BitPay. Turn crypto into cash instantly with the BitPay crypto card. Pay directly to merchants that accept crypto. Buy gift cards with crypto in the BitPay app.

BitPay offers two of the easiest ways to buy your Ethereum (ETH) with Apple Pay. ETH enthusiasts have the option to use the self-custody BitPay Wallet app or the secure BitPay buying widget

The Important Bits
Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) are two of the top cryptocurrencies with different technological approaches, functionalities, and use cases. Bitcoin uses Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanism, while Ethereum uses

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