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Feeling hopeful about your career?

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What springs to mind when you hear the word ‘hope’? 

I imagine a lot of people think of trust, belief and faith – maybe even those cliche images you see online with the sunset. 

For me, hope can be even more powerful than we give it credit for – and it can most definitely help you with your career confidence. Did you know hope is one of the key ingredients for feeling confident? 

Hope is defined by the academic Professor C.R. Synder in his Hope Theory as:

I’ve seen this play out with so many clients, but Lucy really sticks in my mind. She was in a job she hated. It didn’t play to her strengths, her manager was very unsupportive and consequently her performance was dipping each month. Whilst working with me she told me that she dreamed of being a counsellor – but it felt hopeless. She had no savings, was in rented accomodation and felt her financial situation was a hurdle she just couldn’t overcome. 

We spent a lot of time together visualising her life as a counsellor, identifying goals and routes to achieve those goals – until this hopeless dream, didn’t feel so hopeless after all! Yes, it didn’t happen overnight. It took a few years to achieve, but her confidence and self belief skyrocketed and she took action by signing up for taster courses and researching volunteering options. She knew these obstacles could and would be overcome. 

My advice? 

My advice is to write a Hope letter. If you are unfamiliar with this task, a Hope letter can help you to articulate what you want and how you are going to get it. A Hope letter is a great way to focus your thoughts into a clear, uplifting message either for yourself or others. Many psychologists support the idea that these types of messages have a lot of positive effects on the writer. 

If you need help feeling more hopeful about your career and improving your career confidence, then sign up for my online course The Confidence Plan: How to be more Confident at Work.

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