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Calling All Dodge And Chevy Muscle Car Fans: Will You Convert To The New Mustang?

Will a single option standing result in a mass migration to the pony stable?

The trinity of muscle cars in America has two of its mainstays leaving the scene in the very near future. The 2024 Camaro is the last of its generation and the Dodge Charger and Challenger are leaving even sooner. With that in mind, will their exit convert you Mopar and bowtie fans to Mustang owners?

We’ve known for quite a while that the Charger and Challenger were on their way out. Back in mid-2022, CEO Tim Kuniskis made it clear that the 2023 models would be the last. Over the last few months we’ve seen one “Last Call” edition after another come out to commemorate the end of an era.

The 2024 Charger is set to be all-electric and there are rumors that the Challenger will return as well with nothing but electrons at heart. Nevertheless, Kuniskis says that Dodge could drop an internal combustion engine into that EV platform if it ever wanted to. Still, that potential feels extremely low.

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On top of that, Chevrolet is waving goodbye to the sixth-generation Camaro after 2024. It doesn’t have any clear and public plan for a seventh generation so whether or not we get an electric Camaro or none at all remains to be seen. We know the name will return at some point but if it’s as a crossover, Chevy can keep it.

After the 2024 model year, it’ll leave only Ford in the internal combustion American muscle car game. The seventh generation Mustang so far seems to be popular across the internet. The Dark Horse trim is certainly garnering a lot of attention thanks to its beefy engine and aggressive styling.

Will a lack of options be enough for those of you who are lifelong Dodge and Chevy fans to buy a Ford Mustang though? Regardless of your answer, let us know your reasoning in the comment section below.


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