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Caffeine Crawl Columbia, Mo.

Date: October 14, 2023

Event: Caffeine Crawl Columbia, Mo.

Columbia, Mo.

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Caffeine Crawl is a coffee-focused event that takes place in various cities across the United States. In 2023, the event will come to Columbia, Missouri on October 14th, offering attendees a chance to explore the city’s vibrant coffee scene. Participants will visit a variety of coffee shops, roasters, and cafes, and sample a diverse range of coffee offerings, from classic espresso drinks to innovative specialty brews. Along the way, attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the history and culture of coffee in Columbia, as well as the unique approaches and techniques used by each coffee establishment. Caffeine Crawl Columbia promises to be a fun and engaging event for anyone interested in coffee and the community that surrounds it.

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