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3 Guides to Capture the Magnificence of Mother Nature

There is no doubt that Mother Nature is a beautiful and captivating subject for photographers. Nature provides many opportunities for breathtaking landscapes and stunning wildlife, to intimate close-ups of flowers and plants. You could say, there is no shortage of inspiration for capturing the beauty of the natural world. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of guides filled with tips and techniques in mastering the art of photographing Mother Nature. Let’s go!

Every nature buff, wildlife enthusiast, or photographer knows that Yellowstone National Park is one of the best places to get lost. You could wander and explore and photograph this unique location for weeks. Yellowstone takes your breath away! The reality is that most of us will have a limited time within the boundaries of this most precious landscape. To plan ahead and learn new ways of capturing the stunning landscapes when visiting national parks, check out this informative guide. Download now →

Nothing is quite as beautiful (or fascinating) as a huge bolt of lightning streaking across the sky. Capturing the beauty and power of lightning in a photograph is a challenging but rewarding task for photographers of all skill levels. This guide helps to offer tips, tricks and the important safety elements to consider when capturing stunning images of this dynamic natural event. It can be challenging, but armed with a little knowledge and a healthy dose of luck- it’s not all that tough. Download now →

Capturing the beauty of snow-covered scenes in photographs is a challenging but rewarding task for photographers of all skill levels. Raise your hand if you’ve ever returned from a photography outing in the snow, only to find that all of your shots looked terrible! This guide will cover how to capture stunning images in winter starting by addressing issues with exposure and color balance. Download now →

If you’re feeling motivated to learn more photography and prefer ‘learning by doing’, then grab Photzy’s Snap Card: Essentials set. These are 20 printable key photography cheat sheets that have been curated from the full collection to cover all your photography bases. Get it here!

Sandra Hunter Sandra Hunter is a professional photographer with a passion for teaching. She loves helping new photographers find their creative voice.

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