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Top 5 Winter Tips For CPAP Users

You’ve got your chapstick for chapped lips and lotion for cracked hands; but what can you do to combat the cold, dry winter air when you’re a CPAP user? From helpful gear to household tips, we’ve got everything you need to prevent dry noses, irritated skin, congestion, and more icky winter ailments. 

Keep reading for our best winter tips for CPAP users.

One of the biggest reasons Sleep Apnea can get worse in the winter months is that by breathing cold air into our mouths and noses, we are drying out our airways, nasal passages, and lungs. This can not only weaken your airways, but lead to irritation and congestion.

The good news is that one of the simplest ways to ensure your airways are retaining proper moisture levels is to invest in a Humidifier for your CPAP machine

Now, we obviously don’t want you to stick your CPAP tubing in the toaster, but there are a couple ways you can ensure that all that life-saving air takes a nice, warm journey from your CPAP machine to your airways. 

We won’t stop you from getting creative here either (wink wink), but we do mean this in the simplest of terms: crank the heat if you can stand it. While keeping a cooler bedroom has been shown to help us sleep, if you’re struggling with the dry air you’re breathing, you could be suffering even more.

Try to keep your room as warm as possible in the winter, and even try tucking your tubing under your comforter for maximum comfort!

We’ve talked about what happens when you don’t clean your CPAP Supplies regularly. Twice. And not because we’re anal retentives germophobes, but because it really, really, really, is important. Unclean CPAP Supplies can lead to respiratory issues, frequent illness, pneumonia, and worse. 

We’ve got a great guide on how to clean your Humidifier/Water Tank and we also carry CPAP Sanitizers that take all of the guesswork (and work-work) out of cleaning your CPAP Supplies. Don’t forget the wipes!

Ah, there’s nothing like a gray, dreary winter’s day—gutters full of brown snow sludge, dead trees and grass—to remind us that it literally actually feels like our face might crack off. If you know the feeling, we sympathize. But thankfully there are a few things you can do to feel a little bit less like your skin is made of papier-mâché

If you try any of our favorite winter tips for CPAP users, be sure to let us know on Facebook or Instagram! We love hearing from the Sleep Apnea community, so let us know if there’s anything you want to know or learn more about. 

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