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Wolf and Lamb Overwatch Team Brings Local Competitiveness To Esports In Las Vegas

One of the difficult things about esports in Las Vegas is the issue with local competitiveness or more importantly, “How can locals get involved in the esports scene?”. There are many venues in the Valley but most seem to do their own thing, with little cross over. There are a few venues that work together, but not many that compete against each other.

Wolf and Lamb PC is one venue trying to rectify that by creating their own Overwatch Team. They have partnered with the GG Circuit and their Zehn Masters series to create a platform for friendly competition. Zehn Masters also includes games such as Rocket League, Hearthstone, and CS:GO.
Levi and Jory Lamers are the owners of Wolf and Lamb PC and know a thing or two about the local scene, “We’ve always wanted to form a local team,” they say, “that’s been one of our goals since we opened our shop.”

They believe in giving the casual gamer a chance to connect and compete in the gaming community.

The Lamers are looking for people with positive attitudes and a desire to get better together as a team. They of course also want people with skill, but this team is about getting the community to come together and root for their favorite competitors.

The hope is for other venues to be ready to compete in the GG Circuit and according to the Lamers, this is already happening.

If you have the skill and drive to join the Wolf and Lamb Overwatch Team, tryouts will be held on March 31st from 3PM-7PM at the Wolf and Lamb PC. The Address is 5597 S. Rainbow Blvd. Suite#140, Las Vegas, Nevada. They are looking for one DPS main, two tank mains, and two support mains. They would like people with open schedules as they would like for the team to have plenty of time for practice.

The first tournament will be held on April 14th and the prize pool is $1,200.00! So get ready and head on down to the Wolf and Lamb PC if you are ready to compete.

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