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Butterfly Beach, Goa: Not Worth Visiting

FootLoose Dev

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FootLoose Dev

“Since beaches in South Goa, including the one you are staying at (Palolem Beach), are getting mainstream now, I suggest you visit Butterfly Beach if you want to experience the peaceful part of Goa,” I remember someone suggesting during my recent 3-day stay in Goa.

I was on a Road Trip from Manali to Bangalore and since the drive and the entire trip so far felt frenzied, I was looking for a peaceful Goa holiday.

From my previous visits, I knew South Goa was still comparatively quieter than North Goa, hence I booked my stay at Palolem beach located in the southern part of Goa. But this time it didn’t feel so. Palolem, just like many other beaches in South Goa is getting mainstream now.

And then, someone suggested Butterfly Beach. According to Google suggestions too, Butterfly is one of the offbeat beaches in Goa. And when someone suggests offbeat, it does give hints of lesser crowd interaction.

butterfly cafe

If the question is objective and I have only a Yes or a No to tell in the answer, my answer will be the obvious No. If the question is subjective, and you are expecting a detailed review, even then I will begin with a No.

No, Butterfly Beach wasn’t offbeat for me.

Of course, there wasn’t a hotel or a shop at the beachfront like 99 percent of beaches in Goa; and it had, during my visit less than 50 tourists around the beach – with everyone soaking in the sun, feeling good sand and enjoying its emerald green water – but given its small size, it did feel crowded.

It felt more secluded in Palolem during my three-day stay there than the 3-minute visit to Butterfly Beach.

But that doesn’t mean I hated Butterfly Beach. For me, the feeling of being surrounded by a crowd because of the beach’s small size, or let’s say it had more tourists than it can handle, made me dislike Butterfly Beach.

And then, there are other reasons…

There are some places in the world that happen to attract tourists because of their beauty. And then over-tourism happens. Locals also find it an opportunity to make money rather than finding ways to curb the damage. Dawki River, in Meghalaya, is one such example. Butterfly Beach, in Goa, was no different to me.

mumbai beach

I didn’t find any infrastructure at the beach. Would you believe it if I told you I didn’t find a single dustbin installed on the beach? This was when the beach has a parking space selling 100 Rupees per ticket parking slots, and when it had a fancy Jeep service taking tourists from the parking to the beachfront – ensuring a comfortable transit.

A local vendor was moreover selling drinks in plastic bottles and many of them can be found as leftovers, once emptied.

Of course, those making money from the beach were trying to bring more and more tourism but no steps were taken to bring it in the right way.