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Creating the Ideal 6-Month-Old Sleep and Feeding Schedule

As a parent of an infant, ensuring their health and development are likely some of your top priorities. Getting your baby on a sleep and feeding schedule is essential for both your baby’s physical and mental wellbeing. While the best implementation of such a routine will vary from family to family, here are some general tips on how to achieve a successful six-month sleep and feeding schedule for your growing baby.

Creating a sleep schedule can help to provide your baby with structure and consistency, which is essential for their physical and mental health. By establishing regular nap times and bedtimes, your infant will learn the difference between night and day, helping them to regulate their sleeping patterns in the long term. In addition, regular sleep and feeding times also help to encourage better eating habits, as well as help your baby feel more rested and energized throughout the day.

Creating a successful feeding routine for your six-month-old baby is important in order to ensure that they are getting the proper nutrition and vitamins needed for their growth and development. The best way to do this is by understanding your baby’s individual needs, such as their hunger cues, and designing a feeding schedule that is tailored to them.

It’s important to remember that babies may need to eat more frequently than adults, as their stomachs are much smaller. Depending on your baby’s age, you should aim for around 6-8 feedings per day (including breastmilk or formula). As they get older, three main meals and two snacks should be enough. Six months of age is a perfect time to introduce solids! I advise to start with breakfast first and then add in lunch and dinner.  This way, if your baby is going to have a food interaction, you’ll see it during the day instead of at night.  

It’s also important to feed your baby at regular intervals throughout the day, avoiding long gaps between meals, which can lead to overeating or malnutrition. If your baby is not getting enough nutrients from their diet, it’s a good idea to speak to your pediatrician about adding additional supplements. Keep in mind that breastmilk or formula is the main source of nutrition for your baby for their first year.  

Here’s a example schedule for my oldest daughter when she was 6-months old:

Again, this is an example of what worked for my daughter. Schedules will vary from baby to baby.  But ideally we are shooting for approximately 3 – 4 hours of daytime sleep and 10 – 12 hours of nighttime sleep each day as per the American Academy of Pediatrics.

It is important to establish a consistent sleep routine for your six-month-old baby. This could involve creating a calming bedtime routine including bath, reading stories, and singing lullabies. It is very  helpful to establish a relaxing nighttime ritual that will let your baby know when it is time to go to sleep. In addition, making sure their bedroom is dark, quiet, and comfortable can also help your baby to drift off peacefully.

One final point to note is that starting at 6 months of age, some babies are ready to transition to a two nap a day schedule.  Babies who are ready to make this transition will have the ability to stay awake longer between sleep periods during the day (usually a 3 hour wake window) and also take consistently longer naps (1.5 to 2 hours).  The easiest sign your little one may be ready to transition to two naps is that they run out of room for the third nap in the afternoon.  If continuing the third nap, it likely will push bedtime too late and short change the important nighttime hours of sleep.

Getting your six-month-old baby on the right sleep and feeding schedule is key to keeping them happy and healthy. By understanding your baby’s individual needs and implementing a tailored routine, you can ensure that your baby’s health is supported. By following the tips outlined above, you can begin to craft the ideal sleep and feeding schedule for your growing child.

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Hi, I’m Jenn. Mom, Sleep Boss, and Finder of Lost Loveys.  I have more than 10 years of experience in guiding families from sleep deprived to sleep-revived. I help exhausted families around the globe find the right sleep solutions for their children through one-on-one coaching. Read more about me and my philosophy.   

This blog should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you have questions about your baby’s health or nutrition, please consult a qualified healthcare provider.

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