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Top 15 Cool and Unusual Hotels in Koh Phi Phi 2023

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Koh Phi Phi is an archipelago of six islands, lying in a beautiful spot in southern Thailand with limestone hills, turquoise lagoons, and crescent-shaped white sand shorelines in abundance.

Known around the world for its role in ‘The Beach’, a classic film starring Leonardo Di Caprio, Maya Bay is one of the many dazzling beaches that characterize Phi Phi’s tropical splendour.

The island’s vibrant local communities, rich cultural heritage, and warm hospitality radiate through its authentic accommodation scene. Here, you can stay in anything from a boutique hilltop homestay to a palm-fringed beachfront paradise. I have put together a list of my favourite cool and unusual hotels in Koh Phi Phi, Thailand (in no particular order)

Here we have a beautiful collection of thatch-roofed bungalows and villas which spread out along a crescent shaped bay.

Set against limestone cliffs, this laid-back family resort is a blissful reprieve from the commercialism in the island’s centre, and the sunrises are simply mesmerising!

Each space here is interspersed by coconut palms and sandy paths, which integrate into the stunning verdant surroundings.

At each end of the secluded beach lies a free-form pool, beside which you can peacefully soak up the tropical charm and bathe under the beating sun. There’s an al-fresco restaurant on-site, which serves international and Thai dishes in a gigantic dinner buffet.

The restaurant, coupled with the cocktail bar, left little reason for me to venture out of the resort come evening time.

The glass-fronted exterior at ChaoKoh offers a sharp contrast to the typical rustic-style accommodation options on Phi Phi Don.

Once you enter the property, an authentic Thai vibe is expressed through the individual bungalows that frame the lovely outdoor pool.

I loved the communal and youthful feel here, and embarking on wonderful day trips with other jet-setters from the hotel was awesome.

There’s also a restaurant and a café on-site, both dressed in an elegant boutique flair and brimming with bespoke Thai details. To re-energize, the hotel has a well-equipped fitness centre which you can make use of before taking a refreshing dip in the pool.

This expansive resort stretches across the central beach of Loh Dalum Bay, giving guests direct access to Phi Phi Don’s most beautiful beach.

I felt a warm sense of tropical hospitality during my stay here, with comfort and harmony remaining at the core of every undertaking.

I stayed in a deluxe room which was tastefully furnished in an authentic, laid-back style. If you’re feeling extra indulgent you should book a pool villa, where you can embrace a serene sense of seclusion beneath the tropical sun.

On the second floor there’s a garden terrace pool, and the elevated view from here is not to be missed!

Surrounded by the cliff and lagoon of Ton Sai Bay at the front and Lo Dha Lum Bay at the back, this luxury resort is the perfect place to soak up the beauty and bounty of Phi Phi Don.

The refined interiors echo the flair of authentic Thai culture, combined with modern touches, elegant décor, and plush hangout areas.

Set before the ocean azure is a palm-fringed pool dotted by cosy sun loungers, offering you an abundance of space to relax amid the breathtaking island scenery. Breakfast is a buzzy affair here, and the on-site bar evolves into a hub of holiday-style vibrancy by night.

Andaman Legacy Resort is the perfect resting place for those looking to combine a lush green setting with a close proximity to the turquoise ocean.

I thought the cafe was fantastic, and it adds a hip boutique flair to the area’s coffee scene, attracting many passers-by.

On-site you will also find a hair salon, a graceful lounge area padded out with plush fabrics, an exquisite eatery, and a two-tiered pool positioned perfectly to soak up the verdant surrounds.

The property is set within tropical grounds, and simply taking a morning stroll within the confines of the resort was a magical start to each morning!

CoCo Beach is one of my favourite resorts among the Thai islands. The only thing separating the enormous palm-fringed pool from the turquoise waters of the Andaman is a thin stretch of sunbeds and parasols, and the verdant cliff surrounds form an iridescent backdrop to your peaceful reprieve.

The luxuriant grounds are dotted by authentic thatched-roofed bungalows and villas, which are decorated in a rustic style yet fitted with many modern amenities.

You can take advantage of an extraordinary poolside bar, a scintillating terrace, and a quaint coffee shop/café, all within the confines of this magnificent village-like property.

Situated on a beachfront of powdery soft white sand which blends beautifully into the Andaman Sea, this eclectic resort is surrounded by sublime hues of aqua-blue.

Dining is a unique and memorable experience here, with a bunch of eateries and bars each offering a distinctive flair. I thought the hilltop Sunset Bar was the most magical, where romantic dinners were accompanied by the most gorgeous and resplendent colours of the sky.

If you are seeking a touch of modern glamour, the studios will delight your senses and pamper you in luxury.

My personal suggestion though would be to book one of the peaceful bungalows and immerse yourself in the resort’s abundant tropical splendour.

Rustic and enchanting, this charming jungle resort pairs grass-roofed teakwood villas with traditional Thai influences.

Meandering along the sand paths through the resort gave me a real sense of bare-foot luxury, and everywhere you turn there’s either soaring greenery or endless ocean.

The resort caters to adventurous honeymooners and couples in pursuit of a secluded paradise, and there’s many tree-house style spaces where you can gaze out across sprawling jungle-meets-sea panoramas.

Days at Zeavola revolve around Andaman Sea excursions, pampering spa treatments, bespoke cooking classes, authentic cuisine, and of course, some of the most glorious sunbathing opportunities you will ever experience.

This rustic chalet-style retreat is one of my favourites on Phi Phi Don – The vibrant nightlife can be accessed easily, while the sheer grandeur of the resort provides ample space to kick back and relish a more laid-back charm.

The hotel is located directly on the beach, and once-in-a-lifetime snorkelling and kayaking excursions can be arranged easily on-site.

The authentic tone of the interior décor is paired elegantly with quirky touches and kaleidoscopic patterns, while the thatched roofs beautifully blend the resort in with the surrounding verdant landscapes. On-site you can also enjoy a year-round outdoor pool, a restaurant with panoramic views, and a cheerful cocktail bar.

Lying on the hillside of Loh Bagao, Villa 360 can be reached within a 10-minute boat ride from the bustling centre of Phi Phi Don.

The hotel oozes tranquillity and capitalizes on its natural splendour, with the gorgeous sea-view infinity pool inviting you to relish exquisite views of the surrounding islands of the Andaman.

The architectural concept and design of the 33 large villas beautifully embody the name 360, which highlights their alignment towards capturing the most stunning vistas.

The essence of island life is combined with the luxury standards of a big-name chain, and my room came with a flat-screen HDTV, a large sofa, and a private balcony.

Teeming with traditional island décor and a barefoot luxury atmosphere, Mama Beach Residence occupies a pristine corner of a shimmering white sand beach.

Phi Phi’s main pier and the village lie only a 10-minute walk away. I absolutely loved waking up to the sounds of the lapping waves, and heading out of my cosy cocoon and straight into the ocean was an absolute dream.

The property itself is dotted by outdoor hang-out areas across its luxuriant grounds, and the restaurant offers the most idyllic spot for a romantic dinner. The staff here are super friendly and can help with organizing snorkelling and diving trips.

Located only a few steps from a shimmering white sand beach, this soaring resort stands elegantly amid towering palms, and everywhere you turn has a visual framed characterized by either limestone cliffs or the Andaman azure.

The secluded cove right outside the hotel is one of Phi Phi’s more relaxed beaches, and from here you can take long tail boats to neighbouring islands.

Inside, the décor is modish and chic, and each room combines soft and dark wooden elements with plush furnishings and an ambient lighting system. My room came with direct access to the pool, which was a welcome touch!

Nestled among tropical fronds, The Cove is a place where you take a break from the hustle and bustle and retreat to an island way of life, soaking up spectacular views from your charming bungalow.

Each unit features a private balcony or patio, and is fitted with graceful wooden décor radiating the beauty of the Phi Phi islands. Exquisite Thai food is served in the on-site restaurant, which was an amazing treat after a day spent beach-hopping.

You really don’t have to go far to experience the colourful marine life for which Krabi Province is famed, with a whole host of private and group excursions bookable at the hotel.

Whether you’re in search of an adventure or a relaxing retreat, The Beach Resort is an idyllic paradise with direct access to the majestic Long Beach.

Overlooking the stunning Maya Bay, the hillside villas combine a rustic flair with a sense of indulgence, with many pampering, soul-soothing amenities on offer.

Set on the private beach is a sumptuous beachfront restaurant and a beach bar, treating the tastebuds to a culinary journey through Thai culture.

When you’re not soaking up the rays on the beach, you can take shade around the turquoise outdoor pool and still revel in the dramatic verdant surroundings.

Combining the ambience of a traditional Thai resort with the contemporary standards of a luxury haven, Viking Nature Resort is Phi Phi’s ultimate back-to-nature getaway.

Nestled between Phi Phi town and long beach, here you can enjoy two exclusively secluded beaches, where if you head out into the sea you’ll quickly discover plenty of tropical fish within the corals.

Imaginative interiors fill the tasteful rooms and villas with an air of romance, setting the scene for a memorable couple’s retreat.

There’s also an open-fronted bar area which is a great spot to relax and indulge whilst admiring breathtaking views of Phi Phi Bay and Maya Bay simultaneously.

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