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How To Make Your Twitterness More Fantastic Today

Has your Twitterness gone stale? Is your Twitter account not doing much for you or your business lately? Furthermore, have you even logged in lately? Maybe you need to increase your Twitterness.

You may have noticed your followers haven’t really increased much and your Twitter stats are nothing to write home about. I see it with many tweeps including myself a few weeks ago. It’s time for you to make some changes. It’s not too late to UP your Twitterness factor.

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Yes, tweet more! If you are starting to get more followers it’s time for you to tweet more often. You can use MissingLettr to manage this easily and on schedule. They mix up the tweets for you from your blog RSS feed. Not only that but you can have several different images to make your tweets look different throughout the schedule.

No one wants to see 10 tweets from you at a time. It’s too overwhelming. But it is okay to tweet every hour.

If you only have a few hundred followers and you tweet too much you will know it. People will start to unfollow you. You will notice the follower decrease. But as your number of followers grows into the thousands do tweet MORE.

Just be sure they are still quality tweets! Most of all, don’t tweet when you are tired.

Do follow those people that are relative to your Twitter niche. Don’t be afraid to follow a few new folks a day. (Start with 3-5 new people.) Try to get to know them too.

Therefore read their Twitter bios and engage with them on the network and you will increase your Twitterness factor.

Your Twitter Bio, image, and cover photo should be updated regularly. Make sure it’s a real picture of you and recent. (at least in this decade.) Include something personal about yourself in your Twitter profile.

Be sure to include your location to make your profile more authentic. People love to know where other people are from. You may be surprised how many people you may be in common with by location.

I’m not a big fan of automation but using Agorapulse, The Buffer,  Missing Lettr, and IFTT can make a big difference for you. Just be sure to set notifications to ON when someone tweets you so you can respond in a timely manner.

Engagement and providing customer service are not something you can automate. However, with the right tools you can do it from a dashboard.

This one is the major key. Engagement on Twitter is key. You will not grow your following – no matter how many you try to buy, etc, without engaging! You can use emojis in your tweets when engaging with others.

More than 90 percent of people who use the internet rely on emojis, according to the paper, published in the journal Trends in Cognitive Sciences.

Below is an example of a highly engaged tweet that discusses the use of social buttons on blogs today.

Thoughts? 💭@TomPick @MaddyOsman @amabaie @RyanBiddulph @DIYMarketers @GrowMap @HeartofManoj @shwnhll @muz4now @NikolaRoza @NewHorizons123 @pavelStepanov77 @RandyLyleClark @WillB90210 @TriggerBlogging @AnthonyGaenzle @justinmooretfam @TheEddieGear @angelaksgiles @poulomi_basu

— Lisa Sicard 👩‍💻 (@Lisapatb) April 5, 2023


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