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Updates from our life lately: food news, kid news, life news.

Now that I have your attention I’m here to say I have nothing major to share. Sorry to disappoint some of you haha. Growing up when my mom and grandmother would call each other, or us, they would start the call with “Any news?” So while today’s news is casual in nature, here’s my answer to the question, “Any news?”

Birch always makes silly faces unprompted! 

Birch silly face | News Flash

Spring isn’t my favorite season because I always get punked by the random cold days, but I do LOVE the first days we can open the doors and let the fresh air in! When it’s The. Perfect. Temperature. that you don’t need heat or AC. 

opened doors during spring

Look at this incredible door in our bedroom!! 

bedroom door window

Birch has made INCREDIBLE progress on his spelling, letters, and sounding out words. At his school they say the alphabet as “ah” “beh” “ca” “duh” instead of ABCD and so he can sound out almost any word now. I’m very impressed he is so close to reading! 

spelling blocks | news flash life updates

I also pulled out these activity books I had for Mazen, and B is loving them. He’s more into them than Mazen was. He loves to sit and do activities, whereas Mazen was always a bit more active / on the go. 

alphabet activity book | news flash life updates

Case in point: new magnetic puzzles have been a hit! As is the chalkboard in our kitchen and play-doh, always. 

He does love the outdoors too!

news flash life updates

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum:

kids indoor waterpark | news flash life updates

Rory and Birch became the best of friends in their classroom and then Rory moved to a nearby town 🙁 We get them together monthly and they are still the silliest of best buds!

This was my first trip to Smith Aquatic Center! Why!? It was so great! 

Smith Aquatic Center | news flash life updates

We went to visit our friends who moved onto a farm while they (also) renovate their home. 

Birch farm outfit
little boys in the farm
little boys cold weather outfit

He brought home a cookbook from the school library and has been making his own sandwiches, cinnamon sugar butter toast, and specialty flavored microwave popcorn. 

Mazen cooking | news flash life updates

Mazen is also doing really well on his new baseball team! Last year he was in the Upper Minors and his team didn’t do so well. This year he tried out for the Majors and his team is amazing. He’s one of the younger ones on the team and will learn a lot this year, but I am so proud of him for trying his best. 

family cheering squad | news flash life updates

Watching baseball practice with cousin Nashie

7th Heaven Chocolate sent me a care package of their favorites to try. They are created to be plant-based, dairy-free, vegan, sustainable, and ethically sourced. They were all so good! My favorites were the cookies and cream and the coconut. 

7th Heaven Chocolate

Daily Harvest now has GRAINS! These are grain mixes that you keep frozen and you can heat up on the fly and add some protein and/or fresh veggies for an instant meal. So convenient to keep on hand!

Daily Harvest grains

And I also tried their Raspberry and Fig bites for a snack. These are also kept frozen and thaw in minutes when you need a small snack. The raspberry flavor was incredible! 

Raspberry and Fig bites | news flash life updates

I am still enjoying their flatbreads for my lunches too. Always add a little cheese near the end of cooking! 

Daily Harvest flatbread

Speaking of veggies, Brittany has a cookbook coming out on April 18th! I’ve read through many of the recipes and can’t wait to make them. If you love to cook with plants, you need this cookbook in your library. Birch and I made her trail mix cookies the day it came and they were so good!

Mostly Veggies cookbook | news flash life updates

trail mix cookies

I even had one in my smoothie bowl for breakfast ; ) 

smoothie bowl

We’ve been on a cookie kick because Thomas and Birch made some chocolate chip cookies the week before and they were a hit too! 

dad and son baking | news flash life updates
dad and son baking bonding
Birch looking up
freshly baked chocolate chip cookies

A bunch of recent meals!

I made these nonalcoholic palomas using the Monday Mezcal for Ellen and myself when she came for dinner. They were pretty darn good!

nonalcoholic paloma drink

But then Thomas came home with real Mezcal and I realized how good the real thing is….!

Mezcal drink | news flash life updates

The best drink I’ve had this month was called The Uncut Gem at Smyrna. Check out the ingredients below – so delicious! 

The Uncut Gem at Smyrna | news flash life updates
Smyrna bread spreads | news flash life updates

I am like a cat finding the warm spot on the couch. Here’s where I’ve been working lately. I miss my iMac and big desk, but this has been a cozy change. 

working in the couch | news flash life updates

That’s all the news for today! 

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Nancy says

It’s so interesting – I’ve never even heard of green chartreuse, but this is the third time I’ve heard it mentioned in the last few weeks! I heard it mentioned on a podcast, then saw it mentioned in a book, and now see it here on your menu for the uncut gem. So funny how things happen like that sometimes.

Sandrine says

I’m sure those grain bags taste fine, but how on earth have they taken the cheapest food on earth in rice and beans and managed to make them cost $10?!

Kath Younger says

Haha well the herbs, veggies and spices add some. And the labor to cook them.

Nat says

What did you think of the food at Smyrna? I have been curious to try!

Kath Younger says

It was really good!! But man that cocktail was soooo good!

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