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Would You Rather: 5 Ways To Play This or That As Group Party Game!

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Turn Would You Rather into a group party game. Give the classic game of This or That a twist with these five fun ways to play with a group!

One of the best ways to get conversations flowing—whether with a group of strangers or even with close family members—is a classic game of "Would You Rather" into a group party game!

Would You Rather is a playful This or That twist on the classic game Truth or Dare.

In this fun, question-and-answer game, players choose between two This or That choices —or— two Would You Rather impossible situations.

Players don't have to explain their answers, but conversations always begin to flow!

The key to a group game of This or That is keeping the play friendly and fun.

Here are five ways to turn the classic game into an engaging and interactive group party game!

Add a bit of movement and energy to the room with this physical version of This or That.


Give people a chance to interact, chat, and explain their choice before calling everyone back to the middle for another group party question.

Create a sense of togetherness with this random couples version of Would You Rather. It is a playful ice breaker for pairs.


Play for a designated time up or up to a specific point amount. The person with the most points wins!

Try to guess what the group will answer with this point driven approach to Would You Rather.


Play up to a specific point amount (i.e., 7 to win). Or play for a designated time (i.e., 10 minutes). The team with the most points wins!

Print and cut questions onto strips of paper for this playful speed round of This or That!

This is a fun way to move through a large number of Would You Rather questions in a short period. Picking engages people!

This more traditional approach to the game is fun as a group too.

This works best with smaller groups. The best part of the game is hearing everyone’s answers!

Check out some serious and funny questions to guarantee a good time.

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