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Free Printable Leprechaun Writing Activity for St Patrick’s Day


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Whether you are celebrating St Patrick’s day in the classroom or at home, this fun, free printable leprechaun writing activity is sure to be a hit with your kids.

Print these fun leprechaun themed writing pages and get busy writing all about what you would do if you were a leprechaun.

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Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day can be a fun and exciting time for kids. It’s a day filled with leprechauns, rainbows, and pots of gold. It’s the perfect time to get kids excited about writing with a leprechaun-themed writing activity. If you’re looking for a fun and creative way to engage your children in St. Patrick’s Day writing, these free printable Leprechaun writing pages are perfect!

This fun writing activity is perfect for children of all ages and can be done at home or in the classroom. It’s a great opportunity for children to use their creativity and imagination while learning about St. Patrick’s Day, and have a bit of fun!

To get started started with this St Patrick’s Day writing activity introduce your kids to the concept of leprechauns.

Leprechauns are small magical creatures from Irish folklore who are known for their love of gold and mischief-making. You might like to show your kids pictures of leprechauns to help them visualize what they look like, or you might like to read one of these fun leprechaun books.

Next, encourage your child to think about what it would be like to be a leprechaun.

What would they do all day?
What would they eat?
What would they wear?
What adventures would they go on?
What mischief would they get up to?
Where would they hide their gold?

These prompts will get their creative juices flowing and inspire them to write a fun and engaging story.

Older kids can use the first page of the leprechaun writing papers to write down their ideas and plan their story.

For younger kids and beginning writers this page can be a stand alone writing activity. There is space to answer questions and write about what it would be like to be a leprechaun and space to draw a picture of themselves as a leprechaun.

Now that they have lots of ideas, your kids are ready to write use the leprechaun writing paper to write their own story about being a leprechaun.

Older kids can be can include details about the leprechaun’s appearance, personality, and adventures and be as creative and imaginative as possible. Don’t forget to use the picture page to add illustrations to their leprechaun story.

There are four pages in this ‘If I were a leprechaun’ writing activity set. Page 1 is perfect for beginning writers, with space to answer questions and add a picture. This page is also great for older writers to use to brainstorm and plan their leprechaun story.

Page 2 has a title ‘If I were a Leprechaun…; a big space to draw a picture and a lined space for writing. Page 3 has a title and lined space, and page 4 just has lines so you can write whatever story you like.

You can download the ‘If I were a leprechaun’ writing set here.

These printables are A4 sized pdf files, you will need a pdf reader such as adobe acrobat to open them. If you are printing on US ‘letter sized’ paper be sure to select ‘fit’ or ‘shrink to fit’ from your printer options.

Please remember that the printables at are for personal use only, you may not sell, share, or link directly to these files.

Once your kids have written their leprechaun stories encourage them to share them with their class or family.

We’d love to see your leprechaun stories and pictures too! Feel free to tag us on Instagram if you share them!

This free printable leprechaun writing activity is a fun and engaging way to get kids excited about St. Patrick’s Day writing. It encourages them to use their imagination, creativity, and descriptive language skills. Plus, the free printable Leprechaun writing prompts will make this St Patrick’s Day writing activity even more enjoyable. So, download the printable, grab some pencils and let the writing begin!

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