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Landscape Photography Quotes

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Landscape photography quotes are one of the biggest inspirations for photographers. While there are numerous scenes and subjects that can inspire and influence a photographer, such as the landscape and nature itself, one can’t undermine the impact of legendary quotes by famous photographers of the past.

They can set ablaze a fire inside photographers, and often help nudge them in the right direction with their timeless ideas. 

Let us explore some of the most famous landscape photography quotes in this article.

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Alfred Eisenstaedt was a German photojournalist who was best known for his photograph of V-J Day in Times Square, New York.

An American photographer, Stieglitz was globally recognized as being a pioneer of modern photography.

Leibovitz, an American photographer, became famous for her role as the chief photographer for the Rolling Stone Magazine, for ten years. 

He is regarded to be one of the most legendary landscape photographers to ever walk this planet. 

He was a documentary and portrait photographer hailing from Germany and is widely considered to be the most influential German photographer from the 20th century. 

A popular landscape photographer from England, Waite was famous for his use of light and shade to create a wonderful painterly effect and has won several awards for the same. 

Well known for his photos of impoverished and urban lifestyles, and war images, McCullin was a famous documentary photographer.

An award-winning photo-journalist, Arnold has published twelve photography books., He was also a member of Magnum Photos.

Helmut Newton is well known for his suggestive fashion photography that is still influential even today. 

Several photographers, critics, and journalists regard Henri Cartier-Bresson’s as the father of modern photojournalism. Cartier-Bresson coined the term ‘The Decisive Moment’.

He is popular for his work with the National Geographic Society. Perhaps his most famous photograph is the one that showcases ground zero during the 9/11 disaster in New York.

Man Ray was a portrait and fashion photographer, who won much acclaim for his avant-garde photography. Ray was mostly active during the Surrealist art movement.

An American photographer, Mapplethorpe was popular for his large-scale photographic images. He had a highly controversial series of homoerotic portraits as well.

A fashion photographer from Britain, Walker has had his work showcased in popular magazines such as Vogue.

We hope that this extensive list of quotes from famous photographers has inspired and motivated you to take your next great shot.

Stefano Caioni is a photographer from Sydney, Australia. Founder and editor of Pixinfocus, his passion for photography helps him explore new places and live new adventures. Thanks to photography he reconnected with the outdoors and was able to travel the world and take photos of some of the most beautiful places on Earth.

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