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How to Prepare Your Chickens for Winter


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It is that particular time of year when the leaves start to change color, the weather starts to cool down, and if you are raising backyard chickens, you have to prepare them for winter. Chickens are like people in the sense that they need to be ready for the cold weather if they want to make it through the season. This article will discuss how to prepare your chickens for winter so they can stay healthy and happy during this time of year.

When protecting your chickens from harsh winter weather, choosing the proper coop must be on top of your list. A well-insulated pen will help keep your chickens comfortable, even outside freezing temperatures. Look for a coop made from suitable materials that resist moisture and wind, like wood or metal.


If you’re making one, make sure to build the walls with at least 2 inches of air space between them and the outside. This will help keep your chickens warm by trapping their body heat close to their bodies. You should also check for any drafts or openings that could let in cold air and make sure all hardware is securely fastened.

Make sure to also provide adequate ventilation in the coop, even during winter months. Ventilation is essential to prevent your chickens from suffering from respiratory illnesses like frostbite and hypothermia. As mentioned, there should be no drafts or openings that could let in cold air or moisture. A screened window or two can help keep the air circulating and provide your chickens with some fresh air. However, you want to make sure that the window openings are manageable, as this could let in too much cold air.

Providing adequate bedding is essential to keep your chickens warm during cold winter. Choose a bedding material that will help keep the coop dry and insulated, like straw or wood shavings. Other types of bedding, such as hay or shredded paper, can also help keep the coop warm, but make sure to replace them regularly as they can become moldy or damp.


It is important to provide enough bedding, so your chickens have enough warmth and insulation while they sleep.

To ensure your chickens stay healthy during winter, you should feed them a high-calorie diet. Higher-calorie foods like corn, sunflower seeds, and wheat will help keep your chickens warm during the cold weather. It would be best to supplement their diet with fresh fruits and vegetables and mealworms for extra protein.


Give them evening corn or something to digest to increase their caloric intake as well. This will help them stay warm throughout the cold winter months and give them extra energy to keep up with their daily activities.


Remember to provide your chickens with a steady supply of freshwater as well. You can use heated dishes or buckets to keep the water from freezing.

In addition to providing your chickens with adequate shelter, you should also ensure they have access to shade and sunlight during winter. Open up their coop if the sun is out so they can get some UV rays.


In colder climates, your chickens must have access to a shaded area when temperatures drop too low. This can be as simple as providing them with a covered run or a hanging tarp that will provide them with some shade during the colder days.

Keeping your coop clean and sanitized is essential for preventing diseases or illnesses in your flock. Make sure to change and clean the bedding regularly and remove any debris or faeces from the coop. Failing to keep your coop clean can lead to health issues, so it is important to do this regularly.


Finally, it is also important to give your chickens vitamins and supplements during the winter months. This will help keep them healthy and strong throughout the season. You can find a range of supplements specifically designed for chickens in pet stores or online.

Finally, it would help if you continually watch your chickens during the cold winter months. Ensure they have enough food and water throughout the day that is not frozen, and check to ensure that their coop is warm enough for them. If it’s too cold or wet, you should provide them with extra heat and insulation.


Additionally, if one of your chickens is having trouble staying warm, you may want to separate them from the rest of the flock until they feel better. Keeping a close eye on your chickens will ensure they stay safe and healthy this winter.


Along with following the tips above, you should avoid a few things when taking care of your chickens in the winter.



Taking care of your chickens during the winter can be a lot of work, but following the tips above will help make it easier. Make sure to provide adequate shelter, food, water and warmth, and keep a close eye on them to ensure they stay healthy and safe. Additionally, avoid letting them become too wet or cold, feeding them anything moldy or fungus-ridden, overcrowding their coop or leaving any openings that could allow in cold air. With these simple tips, you can help make sure your chickens have a happy and healthy winter season. With some preparation and care, you can help your flock unscathed through the cold winter months.

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