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How To Fold A Pocket Square 9 Different Ways

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Knowing how to fold a pocket square is a skill that every man needs but most men lack.

The fact is, when it comes to pocket squares, most guys just fold it up and push it into their breast pocket without a second thought!

The result? A scruffy-looking square that lacks shape, class, and style.

Learning how to fold a pocket square the right way isn't that hard! It's simply a matter of understanding the steps and committing them to memory.

Today, I'm breaking out those steps for you.

A pocket square is one of the smallest detail in your style that can make the biggest difference.

They can be made from a wide variety of materials including cotton, silk or linen.

Sizes can also vary – although these don't necessarily have a big effect on how you can style the pocket square.

A lot of the time, the size you choose just comes down to personal preference. If you prefer a puffier pocket square that makes more of a statement, then opt for a larger square. More conservative in your pocket square preferences? Go smaller.

When it comes to patterns, there are many you can choose from:

Herringbone is an interesting pattern that's really common when it comes to menswear. Consider this pattern if you're looking to break away from plain-colored pocket squares but don't want to feel comfortable with the vibrant swirls of paisley.

Herringbone is a nice in-between that balances the conservative nature of stripes with the interesting shapes of more informal designs. If you're stuck choosing between paisley and stripes, then a Herringbone pocket square is probably your best choice.

My favorite pocket squares are the ones with complicated patterns that you don't normally see in men's clothing. The great part about that is that you could have a striped shirt. You could have a solid jacket. You could have a patterned tie, a polka dot tie, and you can still wear a paisley. 

A wide variety of colors that you can find something that goes with another item in your outfit.

The hardest pocket squares to match in my opinion and the ones I wear the least often are stripes.Part of that is because if you're already wearing a striped pattern, let's say a shirt, then you're kind of doing a double repeat pattern in addition to the stripe in the pocket.

It's just harder to pull off perhaps because the lines just going along in its curving, so I try to stay away from these types of pocket squares. If you're looking to start off, go with a simple white, easily the most simple and classic. You're never going to go wrong with the simple white.

As I'm sure you're aware, there isn't a one-style-fits-all when it comes to pocket square etiquette.

Depending on your desired look and formality, a pocket square can be folded in many different ways.

Before making your choice, it's essential that you assess your individual needs and consider what's expected of you when wearing your pocket square.

Once you've established this, read on to discover which fold is right for you and how you can achieve it the next time you dress up in a blazer or suit.

Learn how to fold a pocket square: The Square Fold – Presidential Pocket Square

A dressy fold with flair, the two-point fold pocket square is popular among business professionals. It's easier than it looks – really just the basic one-point fold, slightly off-center.

It can take a couple of tries to make more than one or two points of the pocket square line up neatly.

That makes the three-point fold pocket square fold a good one when you want to be a touch showy. It's still a business-appropriate fold, but make sure the pocket square is elegant and crisp.

The four-point pocket square fold works best in a fabric that is both thin and stiff, like starched linen.

Pocket square puff folds are supposed to have wrinkles and dimples. So long as the fold is staying in place and isn't badly creased or spilling over the edges of the pocket, it's fine.

Wear it when a certain insouciance is called for. It's not formal, but it is most certainly stylish. Winston Churchill was a puff fold man, especially in polka dots.

The winged puff pocket square is the best fold for men who like a peaked fold, but have a soft, low-friction pocket square that won't hold a crisp crease. It's also quite compact, making it a good fold for undersized pocket squares.

The Scallop Fold is popular at weddings and other celebrations. It looks good with pocket squares in glossy, colorful fabrics, and is not a particularly formal fold.

The Dunaway fold is the simplest way to make a slightly puffy, fringed shape with the edge of a pocket square. Depending on how stiff and colorful your pocket square is, it tends to look like a flower or a bursting firecracker.

#1. The Square Fold/Presidential Fold
#2. The One Point Fold
#3. The Two Point Fold
#4. The Three Point Fold
#5. The Four Point Fold/Cagney Fold
#6. The Puff Fold
#7. The Winged Puff Fold
#8. The Scallop Fold
#9. The Dunaway Fold

So you’ve mastered folding a pocket square. But what about folding the rest of your clothes? Check out my ultimate travel packing guide and never waste luggage space again.

Click below to watch the video – The ONLY 5 Pocket Square Folds You'll EVER Need!

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