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VCL SA 2023: A Look At Velocity Gaming’s Unbeatable Run

VLT has been in South Asia Valorant highlights ever since Valorant first came in. But recently, they’ve been in news for not just dominating the scene, but for also having great connections in the gaming industry, as they became the first Gaming Organization to have imported players from the ‘OG’ teams of NA and EU Valorant.

Enter the scene, Adam ‘Ec1s’ Eccles, ex-player of 100 Thieves, Ninjas In Pyjamas and Team Liquid, and Domagoj ‘Doma’ Fancev, ex-player of Fnatic. Along with the finest aimers of India like Deathmaker, Excali and Hellf, this team seemed like the dream team for South Asia.

When players from different teams were asked about which team was expected to dominate the qualifiers, Velocity seemed to be the most common answer.

And boy were they right. VLT finished at the top of the two groups combined as they failed to drop a single map in their entire series, qualifying for the main event as the top contender to look out for.

Firstly talking about the maps, VLT seemed to have Haven as their favorite map as they played it in all four of their matches, winning 13-11, 13-2, 13-3 and 13-6. With the score disparity, we can say for sure what their strongest map in the pool is. Their other maps were Pearl, Icebox and Ascent.

Doma and Deathmaker played Killjoy and Jett respectively on every map, while Hellf played the controller role for the team. Excali fulfilled the role of the primary Initiator like Sova and Fade, and Ec1s played the secondary initiator/sentinel for the team.

Starting with their first match against God’s Reign, the scores went as close as 13-11 in both maps, but VLT had Ec1s by their side who had a whopping KDA of 45/26/25 in two maps on Breach and KAY/O. 

Their second match went as easy as breathing, as they faced True Rippers and ‘truly ripped’ them apart with the score of 13-2 in both the maps. The sheer domination shown by Velocity against True Rippers could scare any team to their nerves.

The third match up against Godlike was an interesting one, as Godlike Esports hadn’t taken a single map to their name, yet alone a series, but they still managed to take the second map to an over time against Velocity after losing the first map 13-3. But despite the eventual lead of 12-7 gained by GodL, VLT gained their momentum back and took the win in overtime 14-12, snatching the win away from them.

The last match was against MLT Esports, which again saw one map of comfortable win of 13-6 and the second one in a gruesome overtime at 16-14. VLT gave away a 12-6 lead to equalize the score at 12-12, but their strong mindset helped them stay calm and finish the map off in the third overtime. 

With this, Velocity had a 100% successful run in Valorant Challengers League South Asia: Split 1 and gave the Indian fans a hope of a strong representation of the region going forward in the main event and possibly, VCT Ascension.

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