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Law Roach On The ‘Grief’ Experienced Following Retirement: ‘A Part Of Me Died’

by Fiyin Olowokandi Posted on April 9, 2023 at

Renowned image architect Law Roach is getting candid about the parts the media didn’t see after he announced his retirement. 

As you may know, the stylist’s retirement news made headlines in the past weeks. While the media speculated that he had beef with Zendaya and that his retirement was untrue, Roach was dealing with several emotions from quitting his career. 

A little over three weeks after making the brave decision, the seasoned fashion icon opened up about how his retirement affected him. 

The “Legendary” judge confessed to having different emotions after announcing his retirement decision. While talking with People Magazine, the 44-year-old laid bare his feelings bare as he enjoyed a “Release Your Rage” retreat in Los Angeles, celebrating Netflix’s “Beef.”

The stylist explained how he’s accepting his new reality: “I didn’t retire and thought the next day was going to be perfect. So, I’m going through certain stages of grief.”

Roach continued, “I lost something that had been so important to me and such a big part of me for so many years that it felt like a part of me died. So, I went through guilt, sadness, and a few days of dark depression.”

As one who spent a noticeable amount of time indulging his client, Roach noted that he was trying to adjust to a lifestyle without his clients in the picture. The image architect also admitted to not knowing what makes him happy but would figure out how to do that. 

In his admission, he said, “First of all, I don’t know what brings me joy, and I don’t know how to take care of myself yet. So I’m learning, and I’m excited to learn. I’m excited to make me the priority.” Roach included that this was the first time he prioritized his self-care, which was new to him. And so he’s currently focused on learning and growing. 

He ended his talk with affirmations that he’d be fine. He declared, “And hopefully, in the end, I’ll be a better person, more mentally sound and happier. Every day has been different for me since that announcement.”

Roach’s confession comes a few days after he shut down rumors of coming out of retirement to style rapper Megan Thee Stallion for CMT awards. As The Blast covered, the stylist cleared such speculations with receipts showing that the rapper’s dress was planned before he announced his retirement. 

Roach uploaded an email from the brand dated back to January. Alongside the email, he stated that he had gotten the dress for the “Body” rapper to wear to the Grammys. However, the rapper didn’t attend the Grammys; hence, she wore the dress for the CMT awards. 

The speculations began after sultry pictures of Megan rocking the outfit put together by Roach flooded the internet. The 28-year-old looked dashing in the body-hugging dress with a cutout at her hips. 

Internet users took to spilling opinions that the stylist’s retirement was untrue, and some said it was a stunt. One Twitter user said, “Law Roach announcing his retirement looks like the best decision ever made. I’m seeing him get so many PR and brand opportunities now.”

Shortly after the style genius announced his decision to quit celebrity styling in early March, he explained his reasons. According to Roach, his decision was a form of “self-care.” He pointed out that he had prioritized his clients over himself for so long and needed to relieve such pressure. 

As for why he puts his clients’ well-being first, the stylist shared an existential trauma from his childhood that made him do so. He said, “If you have never experienced being a child and going to bed hungry, you will never understand why I work the way I work.”

He added, “I still wake up every morning with that gut-wrenching feeling that this can be over, and I can return to where I came from. And where I came from was nothing, you know?” 

Having had such an experience, the stylist worked harder than anyone else. And even though the experience was years back, Roach said the sad feeling never disappears. 

Although he would no longer be styling Hollywood’s favorite, the seasoned designer would still be in the fashion industry, doing other things. He made known his plans to walk the runways and share his fashion knowledge with others.

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