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Caprea iWorkout : Post +Pre Workout skincare

If you’re a regular frequenter of the gym and seeking the sorts of products that will keep your skin in ship-shape condition after your workout, you need to cast your gaze in the direction of the iWorkout : Post +Pre Workout skincare from Caprea. Available for just $11 right now, this might just revolutionise your post-workout skincare regimen.

The Caprea iWorkout : Post +Pre Workout skincare is specifically targeted to give you that “Post-workout Glow” and you’ll be left mighty impressed by the results even after using it just a few times. Both hydrating and firming, this impressive product will leave your skin looking and feeling its best after any strenuous gym session.

It is the triple set of skincare products that appeals to us here at The Coolector consisting of the iWorkout Hydrating Lotion (100ml), the iWorkout Electrolyte Serum and, last but not least, the iWorkout Boosting Face Mist. This triumvirate of top-notch skincare products work in harmony together to leave your skin looking fantastic. What’s not to like?

Chock full of great, nourishing ingredients, these skincare products from Caprea are purpose-built for post-gym session but such is their excellence, you’ll find yourself wanting to use them much more regularly than that. If you’ve long been searching for the perfect skincare products for an active lifestyle, you can call off the search as you’ve just found it.


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