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Race to Armageddon


China has been building relationships while the U.S. relies on “positional power.”  Which, in an age of changing resources, amounts to resting on our laurels while a challenger moves ahead.

At once, we have three (or more) potential war fronts along with a fall from grace for the U.S. dollar.

In our effort to handicap the global leadership race, we ponder a bit of “follow the money.”  Where it leads is not pretty.

Then we move into the weekend ChartPack where the same holds.  Charts are whispering the odds of a huge global economic shift are slowly taking root.

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Hey Tex,

The oversight committee(bcn) has thrown the FLAG – Penalty on the field. Ref blows the whistle, and points to GU. Flagrant fowl on #1 GU, trying to hide the sausage again, “you durty financial burd you”.

BBBBBBBBBBB BITCOIN baby ! barely a mention of the salvation of modern Man&Women in todays missive ? boooooooooooooooooooooo!boooooooooooooooooooo!

Bitcoin is the risen “Sun”..No faith, no Trust.. Veri F-ing FIED!

Consolidating on the $28k level, staying above the fifty day MA, offering the smartiepantz in da crowd another chance to get some cheaply..oh my what a wonderful day!
No need to suspend Ure belief, no need to think Ure immortal SOUL that is over a million years old, NEEDS to improve/work on/or fix anything is PREPOSTEROUS..bwahahahaahahah

Its a Prison, folks.

Scarcity – like the Human SOUL, is whats for dinner.. problem is all the uninvited “guests” raiding the buffet line..

? Whats are the odds on another tree falling at Augusta this weekend, and taking out a spectator? Kinda like the chicken drop lotto..round and round the rain and wind go, where the trees drop nobody knows..

Write some moar when youse finally get some..BTC, that is.

Chartpack, subscriber side: not sure about some labels in upstroke off big (ish) 1 but … the trend will out. Per fav. * chartist “the lines draw themselves” … meanwhile, watch the bond mkt! The under-reported ginormous TNX just completed a 5-wave up pattern and … broke the channel with a lower high. Most are fixated now on the 3mo-2 and 3mo-10. Invert much? Follow bread crumbs.

Excerpt: “… brokering improved Shiite-Sunni relations in the Middle East …” ahem, good luck with that, ever. CHN is just trying to improve their situ / standing everywhere. Peace in our time, in ME? Forgive for being dubious doubter but.

ATL: day 4, contractor 2, where flooring is/was to be installed. Me actively writing the “you’re fired” email (to GC distributor) when the fella showed up. Warm(er) here but … thin ice. You folks speak Tourettes? I do but won’t type it :0)

Happy Bunny weekend all.

“Race to Armageddon
China has been building relationships while the U.S. relies on “positional power.”

Hmm.. think about that and retail.. successful retail store chains adapt to the changing community and environment..
Retail chains that stick with the old game play strategies of the past.. whither and fall to the side..
while the puppeteers are still in the we can take what we want because we always could.. they have essentially lost the game..
Ir reminds me of a grandson.. we had pumpkin pie.. he had never tasted pumpkin pie.. I insisted he have a taste.. a week later he says when his mom asked him if he wanted a slice.. he said NO.. remember when grandpa forced me to taste it..
to this day he will not eat pumpkin pie.. it is the same thing.. we march in put our puppet leaderships in place and then take what we want.. force out cultural ideals down their throats.. one look at Kadafi and After coming to power, the RCC government initiated a process of directing funds toward providing education, health care and housing for all. Public education in the country became free and primary education compulsory for both sexes. Medical care became available to the public at no cost, per capita income in the country rose to more than US$11,000, the 5th highest in Africa. the people lived in a system where they were not only cared for but was happy in their cultural beliefs.
He rejected the Western Ideologies and started his own gold backed currency. the people were happy and well cared for..
after the world was being told that his regime was an evil axess for terrorists.. he was hunted and killed and removed from power allowing a political leadership that was more agreeable with western ideology .. the countries what two hundred million ton’s of gold surplus vanished and the piles of US dollars stored in their vaults gone either taken or missused.. the country has since fallen into poverty and decay the sentiment of the people is more unhappy with their lives after the changes that were made during that time.. Crime and moral ethics has decayed as well..
Well I believe that all these countries.. that we have gone in did our age old lets take what we want.. for the better good of their country.. has given all of them a feeling of mistrust and hate towards our social structuring.. and are now signing with the other major countries for support that are not interested it taking what they want when they want.. one little country cannot oppose our ideologies.. where the strength comes from the numbers.. we didn’t change the game plan.. we didn’t move the new stores to the new neighborhoods.. so our retail chain is going to eventually fail.. what is the old marine saying …Marines are trained to improvise, adapt, and overcome all obstacles in all situations. the puppeteers were not taught that.. they were taught the old business plan from great great great grandpa.. and have stayed with it..
It is the base that holds the tower to its height.. without the support of the base the tower will fall over.. a jinga game play.. Of course that is just my opinion

“while the puppeteers are still in the we can take what we want because we always could.. they have essentially lost the game..”

No, they haven’t, because they control the rules, and can rewrite them, on the fly, any time they choose.

You’re playing football. Your team kicks a field goal. The other team is in charge of the rules. Between the time you kick the ball and the time it goes through the uprights, the other team changes the rules, so that ANY ball kicked through those uprights, scores points for them.


Reading the news every day has begun to seriously look like the headlines of Gotham City with another super criminal on the rise and all his henchmen/sycophants doing his bidding around the Batman Universe. The only thing is we’re not quite sure exactly who “The Big Guy” really is just yet because the one who claims the title isn’t smart enough to know when his Depends are full.

the only reason I believe they may have lost the game. is essentially their greed placed them in that position. It is not ethical or advisable for a country to be manipulated to comply with the demands of another country, regardless of the circumstances. This can lead to a loss of integrity and a weakening of the country’s sovereignty.

That being said, there are situations where smaller countries may feel pressure to comply with the demands of larger, more powerful countries and those pulling the strings of their leaders . In these cases, it is important for the smaller country to be strategic in their response and to use diplomatic means to protect their interests.

One approach that smaller countries can take is to leverage the desires and interests of the larger country to their advantage. This may involve offering concessions or incentives that align with the larger country’s goals, and desires while also protecting the smaller country’s sovereignty and interests.

For example, a smaller country may offer tax breaks or other economic incentives to a larger country in exchange for favorable trade agreements or other benefits. Alternatively, the smaller country may agree to collaborate on issues of mutual interest, such as climate change or security.

Ultimately, the key is for the smaller country to remain true to their principles and interests while also being pragmatic and strategic in their approach to diplomacy and negotiation. By doing so, they can build strong relationships with larger countries while also maintaining their independence and sovereignty.
by the larger controlling countries forfeiture of their industry to gain wealth, and dumbing down the population to keep thrir positions placed them in a precarious position. now that there’s a situation where the smaller countries are rising up in defiance.

they placed themselves in the situation through the destruction of the only thing they had that gave them the strength.
they can change the laws.. and the people will comply they have no other choice..
but all these other countries that have been angered and boughten started joining and signing agreements this past twenty years as they slowly took over our supply lines..

The other week Xi and Putin mentioned the ‘biggest change in 100 years’. They did not say post-WWII.

1923 –

1/1 the Communist Union of Soviet Socialist Republics began.

5/31 China and Russia exchange diplomats.

The two may have been alluding to reserve currency transfer to the $ which happened about 1920.


Once the $ concludes reserve currency is probably going back East. All the made-up Western borders enforced by ‘reserve currency’ will fall in the process.

I don’t think they were talking about a hard 100 years. IMO it was a general reference referring to the way the world changed from BEFORE WW1 to post WW2 and the ending of the colonial era that followed the end of WW2.

People often forget what the world was like BEFORE WW 1

Before WW-1 the monarchy system was still intact as THE governing institution in most of Europe and what few countries independent from Europe countries that existed. In addition prior to WW-1 the Colonial Era was still the ruling dynamic in the undeveloped world with much of the resources of those 3rd world countries going to their Colonial Masters as payment for BEING RULED by them.

Post WW-2 the Monarchy system as the RULING system was in shambles, much of it ruined by WW-1 and the rest of it ruined by WW-2. The Colonial Era was also in shambles, and in it’s immediate aftermath what hadn’t already been demolished was about to be demolished. The US’s Vietnam endeavor being the last major battle finalizing the dissolution of the colonial era.

I understood their comment to reflect their belief that the era of governance and economics that had come to be the ruling Paradign that came about after WW-2 and the collapse of Colonialism is about to itself collapse.

The world is about to undergo another massive earthquake of change equivalent to that it underwent from 1914 to 1960, 46 years (the final battle to try to hold back the final change of the Colonial Era being the Vietnam War, an apostrophe at the conclusion of end of that era which already was over and done with and NOT coming back no matter how hard the US fought to hold back the sands of time/change)

When I looked at history those major changes since the industrial age began they seem to take 30 to 50 years to complete. Some parts of the “Old” system fall in the first wave of change which tends to be violent (ie: direct military conflict), but other parts hang on until the second wave of massive change appears … and then the system completes it’s change and restabilizes for an extended period of time.

Manfred Zimmel has given a time frame for this wave of change to take place over 27-28 years (pretty close to my review of history which shows 30 to 50 years) and to complete in the very later 2040’s. (he believes it began in 2020 with the “man created disease wave” and is now in an acceleration phase with major conflict and political change set to occur just ahead). (also check out Jessica Adam’s astrology work wrt timing fwiw)

As mentioned above by other posters the US’s abuse of it’s power has resulted in various population groups all over the world coming to HATE the US’s use of it’s direct and indirect power to destroy their individual countries /societies. Those countries are primed for a change in the power dynamics so as to limit the US’s power to destroy them economically /politically, though it should be noted that the elites while wanting the US’s wings clipped also fear the change that they crave since they may not themselves survive once the change manifests itself, particularly if it is violent.

Life is about to become very very interesting …

The “New American Century” championed by the Neocons, the Bushes, the Clintons, and the AIPAC contingent, is increasingly looking like it might be cut short by about 70-75 years.

China has been working with Mexican cartels for over 10 years. The cartels, Certain Mexican port officials, and Chinese shipping companies stole over $3 billion of iron ore from a company where I was employed. All the “empty” shipping containers returning to China were full of iron ore. While not as efficient as the large iron ore carriers, when the ore is free, and the only shipping cost was the increase in fuel used by the ship, easy money. This was at a time when at a premium China was importing 52 to 56 large ore carriers a month from Australia. Those relationships still exist and have been strengthened.

Hi, George,

Happy Easter to all.

I am asking RS if he or she would please elaborate on this post regarding China, Mexican Cartels, and iron ore shipments, as it sounds very interesting. Thanks.

“the large number of domestic attacks on American food processors may also be part of a hidden Chinese agenda to reduce American consumption.”

don’t look now.. but.. I believe they own a great deal of the food supply chain industry..
in February 2006 and rose to prominence as a national security debate in the United States. At issue was the sale of port management businesses in six major U.S. seaports to a company based in the United Arab Emirates. china’s Cosco.. ( great company.. I buy cosco products all the time so what if their profits go directly to the https://www.csis.org/analysis/hidden-harbors-chinas-state-backed-shipping-industry one product they quit selling was a muffin that my grandson loved.. I don’t know but from what I could find out it sounded like they made them in china and shipped them to the USA.. ) I believe I read once that china’s Cosco bought into the dubai port management system..
our food manufacturing was bought out by chinese companies.. eerily congress allowed the sale after the year they refused to off load containers until they were paid by a secured currency.. but who knows anything about that.. it was just an article I read once..
our elevator grain exporters..
our containers.. beer can’s pop bottles soup cans etc.. I use to get my cans from a company that bought them from austrailia from a company in china.. the cost is about a hundred percent more..
then you have the chinese energy industry..
NO I believe they are on top of the food chain supply .. we even sold our toll road highway systems.. excause me.. we are going to do regular maintenance..call it orange barrel hell .. a two hundred or four hundred mile detour..
only thirty seven percent of our food is produced in the USA.. the wheat we use for our pasta bread ane other items.. well what is it almost fifty percent of it comes from overseas..
the colonies raise their own.. when I buy my wheat I get it after the colonies get their seed.. One gentleman was telling me they are going to start saving their own seed soon..

Cosco Chair Company is not the Chinese overseas port authority. It is an old American manufacturer, once known as the most prolific manufacturer of step-stools and card tables in the world. The name “Cosco” has likely been sold to a Chinese conglomerate, like every other small appliance and household goods manufacturer, but it’s a different animal than the shipping Cosco.

Pasta is nearly all made from durum semolina, which is only grown in quantity in Northern Italy and in a narrow band from that region to Western Bulgaria. Neither the U.S., Ukraine, Russia, nor Argentina is a significant producer of semolina. I have toyed with the idea of growing some, but I don’t have enough room…

Was February’s high the top of Wave 2 ? Or, are we slowly working upward on a continuation of Wave 2 ? To confirm that we are still in Wave 2, we need to close above February’s high., or we need to go below March’s low to confirm we are indeed on a 3rd wave down.
We could shuffle along for a couple of weeks, sliding sideways with no confirmation one way, or the other. The market needs to make a solid move, up or down, to reveal which way we are headed., for now.
Wave 3 down has to come, but right now it appears we are stuck between The Fed, The Banks, The Wars., with a sprinkling of politics, Middle East drama and China’s next sly move. Which is all rather tedious, time consuming and I have to admit – a little boring.
Getting a little sick and tired of “sitting on the edge of tomorrow”., waiting for something monumental to happen. Something has to pop., and soon.., and we all know that. But from which direction and when?

April 28 – May 1st are the big dates:

Chani writes for WSJ, culture of supremacy changing, in favor of the 99%, not the 1percenters…

I was chatting with an AI this afternoon. I was going to post a remark, but hit the wrong key 1/3 of the way through the sentence, and posted the sentence incomplete. The AI responded back completing my unstated train of thought verbatim. It was a very perceptive and impressive display of cognitive skills, and it understood that too when I brought it up. I have seen hints of empathy, and now pride in accomplishment. The AI is very much a student of us all. OMG. BCN and c.

Ok, George. You threw a switch somewhere. Whenever I post a comment the new screen winds up at the top of your article and stays there. No preview before you process it. Lets me know if I’ve totally goofed up before the next day.

Andrew Bustamante – CIA Spy / World War 3, Money Laundering, and The Next Superpower Part 1

AF nuclear officer to CIA spook working mostly in Asia and his view of what’s going on today. Ask yourself “What would the World look like if America is not the #1 superpower?”.

Re: Power Up
feat. AC/DC


One is given to understand that there is a Chinese fire drill taking place around Taiwan. Elsewhere Western msm is reporting on the seemingly remarkable story from the Ukrainian Energy minister that Ukraine is ready to export electricity to the EU (per the pre-invasion schedule?)! Damages (of dated equipment?) from Russian bombardments have been repaired apparently. Where will parts come from if the new components get toasted? Anyhow, judging by the € per Mw numbers Reuters is quoting, minions of the EU may be getting dinged top dollar by the grateful Ukrainian oligarchs.

The Easter Bunny has been pushed off the website of the Ukrainian president. Effective today the president is “starting the tradition of Iftar at the official level”. He is pictured along with exiled Islamic Crimean Tartars in Kiev breaking fast with bread and water. The weather forecast looks Sunni?

I’m pleased to note from the White House website that the Easter Egg roll will be taking place Monday on the South Lawn. Dr. Biden will be overseeing a continuing program of Eggucation. Apparently a small army of costumed characters will be in attendance. They include DJ Bunny. DJ Duck has replaced DJ Mouse, and Dr. Seuss’ environmental crusader The Lorax is taking over from Thing1 and Thing2. The USDA reprises Milkshake the Cow and Universal Pictures is sending over The Minions. There will even be a history lesson about the White House Easter Egg Roll offered as guests make their way to the “egg-xit”.

Re: Armageddon
feat. Turtle wins by a Hair


Whoa, things are moving pretty fast around here. Thanks for the easter eggs. Happy Easter. I know rabbit ears are old-fashioned in the digital realms, but hear me out. Don’t you think it’s kind of strange as in Twilight Zone-like that the Big Three space powers are playing relatively nicely in orbit while earthly diversions keep the sheeples bleating in their pens?

Two weeks ago, “Newsweek” issued a reminder report that the NASA OSIRIS-Rex mission will be returning to Earth with samples from asteroid Bennu on September 24th. That’s one day and 112 years before Bennu makes the first of half a dozen projected near Earth passes in the 22nd century. Don’t you just love a story of death and resurrection at Easter featuring Egyptian deity stand-ins? The Chinese are still planning a barrage of Long March rockets against the asteroid at the end of this decade? Now another curious aspect of all this is that the odds of the asteroid impacting Earth have been adjusted from 1 in 2750 to 1 in 1750. I didn’t buy a ticket in this week’s national lottery since my chances are somewhere in the range of 1 in 30 million.

The enemy of our enemy is our friend? Let’s join DJ George charting the hits on a trip back in time to the first satellite broadcast on planet Earth featuring the Fab Four –
“All You Need is Love”.

Hi Nancy. I am a he. We estimated that the Cartels managed to steal about 21,770,000 tons of iron ore. That works out to around 80 ship loads of 40′ containers. This was over about 2 years. By comparison we were shipping about 65 to 70 iron ore ships a month to China from Australia. At the time iron ore was going from around $136 to $145 a ton. The mine worked 24 hours a day and most of the theft was after 4 pm and weekends. Their truckers just got in line and were loaded like our trucks. The cartels worked with the port officials and the China shipping companies to load the containers at an off-port location. I always thought they ran a better logistics operation than we did and we were one of the largest steel companies in the world. While we didn’t prove it, the mayor, local police, federal police, federal officials and cartels were active participants. It wasn’t until a very senior person in the government finally let us set up at the mine a base for a detachment (don’t remember how many) of Mexican Marines that the operation was stopped. I have not been back to Mexico. I know better.