Saturday, May 27, 2023
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Newbie Heuristic Evaluation Mistakes To Avoid

Heuristic evaluation (HE) is one of those design activities that has rightfully claimed its place on the UX Olympus. Any time there’s a need to evaluate a piece of design – that’s one of the go-to’s. It also doesn’t hurt that there’s no shortage of content on HE online. Almost 51 million Google results is no joke.

Google search result displaying definition for heuristic evaluation

The overwhelming majority of the articles are “How to’s” and “What is’s”. I couldn’t find a single piece of content that extensively goes over the potential mistakes one can make.  Secondly, the only HE cons I’ve managed to dig up online have to do with the activities’ inherent flaws such as the inevitability of bias as opposed to the more practical, “real-world” problems and misconceptions. That’s what this article is going to touch on.

Before getting into the mistakes I see made consistently, let’s do a quick memory jog into heuristic evaluation 101. 

HE is the process of the evaluation of a product’s usability conducted by UX experts. Usually, it consists of the following steps:

The set of heuristics used most commonly is Jakob Nielsen’s design heuristics.