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Swipe Breakdown: $10,000 In New Clients From This Linkedin Post

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Katja recently got $10,000 in freelance clients from LinkedIn with a simple post.

So we hopped on zoom and she shared how it worked.

This works well for people who sell…

If that’s you, more clients await below.

Katja is a freelance web designer.

She creates websites specifically for self-employed people, but she wasn’t getting the number of clients she wanted.

Then, Katja discovered this simple formula that grew her following from 100 LinkedIn followers to 1,500 and land 4 new clients.

Here’s her #1 post that crushed it.

After prospects book a call, you still need to convert them into customers.

Check out Katja’s case study and interview to see how she does it at such a high rate.

You’ll learn how she structures her calls in a non-salesy style that takes the awkwardness out of the process.



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